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Braxton Hicks began recording 6 songs during the summer of 2018 at a time when the divisions in the country were becoming wider,  females only accounted for 35% of the nation’s summer music festival line-ups, and huge volumes of music were being created, (literally for a song) and easily uploaded to streaming sites,  saturating the already competitive market of music. While some may call this project “Against All Odds,” the members of the band knew there was something uniquely special in the music they were making as each of the 6 songs tackled their “WHYs?”  

The first track of Braxton Hicks’ EP,  Extraordinary Girl, “High”  launches the EP with a Police inspired sound and the mantra for the band’s first answer to its WHY…. “Feeling alive, feeling a high once again, music in my head, words cannot express.”   The song suggests that there is no better high than the one you get from writing, crafting and recording songs, and playing live music.

Tracks “I Get By“ and “Extraordinary Girl” combine layers of guitars and hooky keyboards, harmonies and lyrics to send a message that women,  by nature, are extraordinary as they tackle life’s challenges with grace and positivity. “Extraordinary girls should rule the world.”  Indeed!  (WHY #2)

“Oil & Water” the heaviest of the tracks, includes guitar work reminiscent of U2’s The Edge and a  raw energy to tell the story of an equally raw breakup. (The energy of this song is WHY #3)


The band’s political outcry “Boy King”  asks,  “Can we all survive, unlucky number 45?”  and describes the bewilderment and increased tension  that many of us are feeling with our current administration.  Why (#4 ) are there not more musicians screaming about this?

Finally, the 6th track “Stranger Days” ends on a positive note when a person’s moral compass guides sticky decision-making, something we probably need more of in this world. “Thought you’d play some Risk, your conscience wins.” Braxton Hicks' last WHY is a reminder of hope.


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